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  • Is there such a thing as a standard size frameless shower door?

    The Chinese glass industry has imported standard size, square cut thick glass frameless shower doors that are 28” X 72” or 28” X 78”. We’re here to tell you that they don’t work because they are mass produced, cut square, and they do not conform to your wall or sill. Why would you buy a square cut standard size Chinese door that will leave you with large gaps or hinge binding when you can buy a custom American made shower door for the same price or less! All of our raw glass sheets are made by PPG Industries, an American manufacturer of raw float glass. It is shipped from Pennsylvania to our manufacturing facility here in South Florida where each piece is cut to your own individual specifications for your bathroom. It’s like a custom tailored suit that was hand made by us to fit only you.

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  • Why do most shower door companies insist on using u-channel framing and you don’t?

    The myth of u-channel. Are your frameless shower doors and enclosures really frameless?



    Let’s get right to it. Please do not let anyone or any company tell you that you need “u” channel, because you don’t! The whole purpose of a frameless shower enclosure is to NOT have a frame, and by cutting, mitering, screwing and gluing an aluminum metal frame (U channel) around the entire perimeter of your custom “frameless” shower enclosure, you have just created a framed shower enclosure. Makes no sense, does it?

    Let me tell you why some or most on-line or retail shower door and glass companies insist you use these “U” channels (frames) around your beautiful, thick glass.

    1. They do not have the skill, patience or confidence in themselves to measure or their heavy glass manufacturing suppliers (none of these companies buy their glass from a facility or company that only builds and fabricates just custom frameless shower doors because we are the only ones, and we won’t sell to them!) that attempt to fabricate an “out-of-square”, custom piece of glass just don’t know how to do it. This is because mostly all heavy glass manufacturers are trained and used too cutting just square cut glass for things like table tops or thick window panes or wait! Frameless shower doors that have a “u” channel frame around it.
    2. They themselves do not fabricate and temper the glass so how can they guarantee it is going to fit. That is unless they tell you that you need an ugly, ¾” thick “u”channel frame around it that allows them to have ¾” of an inch adjustment to hide any and all mistakes. Are you getting the picture yet…?
    3. They will also tell you that it looks cleaner than clips and it’s easier to install when in fact nothing could be further than the truth. Fact is it takes a lot more time and effort to measure, cut, miter, glue and piece together this frame (u channel) and then anchor and screw it(be sure you don’t place the glass on top of the screw heads sticking up or you are going to have a big nightmare on your hands, and head) around your entire shower opening then installing a couple of clips that were specifically engineered to secure a frameless shower enclosure thru the glass (not rest in it) and into the tile. Hmmmm
    4. They will also tell you it performs the same function as clips (clamps) when it fact it does not even come close. U channel is a frame that YOU MUST FABRICATE AND INSTALL. Once you are done spending your entire day performing this useless task, you then slip your thick, heavy custom made glass into this frame (U channel) and glue the glass to the frame and the frame to the tile. Clips on the other hand were designed (less than 2” square) not only to provide you with a frameless look, but for safety and health reasons. Every clip (clamp) that we sell or install or teach you how to install requires a notch in the glass so the clip can bolt through the glass panel and then anchored to the tile becoming one true fixed structure, not just glued to a thick piece of metal. No frame means no soap scum and bacteria build up that always grows around a frame. You will know what I mean if you happen to be one of our do-it-yourselfers when you remove your old shower doors .That smell and “stuff” you will see is not candy.
    5. Price. Other companies claim it costs much more to do a clip system then a U channel (framed) system. Not so, that is unless in fact you have to have another middleman (heavy glass fabricator) manufacture your (theirs) shower enclosure. We are the manufacturer of the original frameless shower enclosure system and we urge you to get a price from them and a price from us using a real frameless clip system. We are not only the lowest price; we are the innovators, manufacturers, distributors, and master designers and installers. The all important Headers…Everyone from contractors to designers and even some homeowners have this notion that the term ‘Frameless’ means no clips or headers or any fastener what so ever. This also can be no further then the truth. Each fastener has a purpose predicated on the design at hand. We will never build a frameless shower enclosure that YOU feel is not safe. We have been doing this since day one. We are licensed glaziers with hundreds of combined years experience in structural design, fabrication and installation of heavy glass. You just can’t get what you want sometimes but I will promise you that if you choose us to design and install (or teach you how to do it yourself), you will be more than satisfied with our design we came up with just for you. Now let’s talk about headers. Header systems were the first and only frameless system we had all those years ago, and the truth is they are still the most secure way of enclosing a multi panel frameless enclosure with a door that is not bolted to the wall. Example being a large neo-angle or an enclosure where the door is centered between two knee walls. They also provide unmatched rigidity and in most cases eliminate flex all together. They are only 1 ¼” wide and only go across the top edges when absolutely needed. Please try and remember, we are the professionals and we really do know when you need one. They actually look really good when you don’t put u channel all over the place (see our neo-angle and 90 degree photo gallery). Notice you see no vertical wall U channel?The absolute only way we would sell you a U channel system (we never use them on our installs on the walls ever) is if your wall is a total disaster meaning you might have tried to be a tile guy and failed terribly…(see example).It is rarely the case but we have seen it all by now. Remember we are here to help, so let us.The original frameless shower doors are not only SGCC certified (see logo and certificate) manufacturers ,we are one of the nation’s oldest and largest fully licensed frameless shower door companies, designing and installing nearly 5000 custom frameless shower door and enclosures a year and growing( show vans and employees).With that being said, we know a thing or two about safely designing and installing frameless enclosures, as well as what frameless enclosure requires clips or a header and which do not. We hope and trust you will listen to our advice when it comes down to design choices and options available.We are so sure you will be happy you decided to work with us that we give all of our clients a free lifetime warranty on hardware and service if you choose to have us design, make and install your custom frameless enclosure at no charge. (see warranty).Nothing looks and functions better than an enclosure made, sold and or installed by “The Original Frameless Shower Doors”TM

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  • Are your frameless shower doors and enclosures truly frameless?
    Yes! Contrary to what you have been told or have read, you do not need u-channel anywhere. The absolute ONLY reason some shower door and glass companies push these ugly “U” channels is because they are not the manufacturers and most of them cannot teach you how to measure properly or they do not trust their glass manufacturer to cut the glass correctly, hence the “U” channel. We are the true manufacturers and innovators of the frameless shower door system. Each glass door has our name etched into it, as well as yours, proving it was custom made just for you by us. (Show Stamp) As well as inspected and SGCC certified and approved.Expand [+]
  • What makes your sliding frameless doors so rigid?
    Our entire line of sliding frameless tub and shower doors are made with 3/8” thick glass. All of the hangers are drilled threw the glass, not just clamped on. All (except our standard line) are custom made by us using only the finest hardware made by the C.R. Laurence Company in Los Angeles, California.Expand [+]
  • Is it true that if I do not clean or squeegee my shower enclosure everyday it will get cloudy looking?
    We highly recommend Clarvista glass on all of your primarily (mostly used) bathrooms. This glass was specifically designed for shower doors and is the best product available on the market today. (Read) If you must save money and don’t want to pay more for corrosion resistant glass, we strongly recommend you take a few seconds and squeegee your glass after showering. This simple, quick step will save the glass from water and soap stains as well as keeping it looking new. Always stay away from chemicals to clean your glass. We suggest you use a glass cleaner, like spray way to wipe it down.Expand [+]
  • Should I use clear glass, frosted (acid mist) or a textured glass?
    Nothing opens up a bathroom like a clear glass frameless enclosure, especially if you have a small bathroom. For those of you that want or need privacy or you happen to have old tile you want to hide, than acid etch or a textured glass such as rain glass would be the way to go.Expand [+]
  • Does a frameless shower enclosure leak?
    Simply put, a frameless shower door has no frame! All frameless doors and enclosures are designed to deflect water, no retain it. We not only are the manufacturers, we are one of the largest (if not the largest) installation companies in the nation. If our shower doors all leaked we would be out of business. As we stated, if you measure using our simple instructions and watch our videos you will have little to no leakage. Some common sense applies here. Do not use a hand held body spray to rinse off your frameless door. Make sure your sill, curb and/or ledge is pitched approximately 3/16” in towards the shower as well as all the other design tips we have provided for you. The only vulnerable (potential water leakage) area should be the door. All fixed panels are silicone inside and out and should never leak.Expand [+]
  • What is safety tempered shower glass?
    All shower doors and enclosures must be safety tempered by law. Regular raw glass breaks into large, sharp chunks, where as safety tempered shower glass breaks into very small pieces. All of our fabrication is done by us, in house as well as safety tempering your frameless shower doors. We are SGCC certified (show stamp) and regularly send our glass out for testing to ensure you receive the highest quality obtainable. Always ask who tempers your glass and ask for a photo of their tempering logo that must be applied to each and every piece of glass by law. Look for the SGCC logo in small writing. This will ensure that you are getting the finest tempered (tested) glass available. Note: Once the glass goes through the tempered process, absolutely nothing can be done to it as far as fabrication applies. Any drilling, cutting or grinding of any sort will result in the glass shattering.Expand [+]
  • What is the tempered glass fabrication and raw glass mean? How do you make a frameless shower doors?
    Glass fabrication or fabrication itself means to make something from raw materials, in our case glass. Our raw glass comes in large sheets that are cut by computer to your exact specifications. After the cutting process, the glass is then high polished by machine and mitered if need be. Next, your glass is marked, specifying where all the notches for all the hinges and clip placements will be attached. Your glass is then drilled on our dual sided diamond hydraulic drill press and custom notches can be made by hand at this point. All edges are polished smooth. Your glass then gets stamped with our tempered logo on it as well as engraving your name into the bottom edge of each piece and sent threw a high tech glass washing machine. The glass is then inspected for any flaws and then sent threw the tempering furnace. The final inspection is done and if approved, your glass is ready for the crating department or set up for installation.Expand [+]
  • What is the difference between a framed and frameless shower enclosure?
    Everything! We invite you to view our before and after photo’s. Twenty years ago we had nothing but framed shower doors and enclosures. Now, with the help of our founder, all the ugly aluminum metal framing is a thing of the past. Our frameless designs are clean, safe, simple and elegant allowing a more open feel to the room as well as a more pleasurable showering experience. The old metal framed units have a simply become a thing of the past. They took way too much time and energy to install and the end result always looked like an industrial nightmare. The Original Frameless Shower Doors has over 200 combined years of glass fabrication and installation experience as well as the latest glass fabrication manufacturing specifically designed for the production of custom, one of a kind frameless shower doors. The end result is nothing short of a thing of beauty — custom made by real artisans, factory direct to you, the end user, at wholesale prices. Why would you want a framed enclosure!Expand [+]
  • How thick is the glass used in a frameless shower door and/or enclosure?
    The thinnest glass we use for all of our frameless shower doors and enclosures is 3/8” thick. Some of our textured glass we offer only comes 3/8” thick. We also use ½” thick glass. We usually recommend this heavier glass on larger enclosures for the mere reason of rigidity. We always will lead you in the right direction and will advise every client to use the thickness we recommend predicated on the enclosure design.Expand [+]
  • What glass style should I choose when designing my frameless shower door or enclosure?
    Well this comes down to personal preference. We love the open look of clear glass especially if you just installed brand new tile. A texture or acid mist glass for instance will somewhat close the room off. Again, it really comes down to what you want. Our favorite? Clarvista clear, corrosion resistant glass. Hands down……Expand [+]
  • What hardware style should I use when designing my frameless shower door and/or enclosure?
    Typically there are two styles to choose from without getting crazy. Square edge or rounded edge hardware and hinges. Square tends to flow better with a more contemporary flair which as the rounded is a more softer feel to the look. We highly recommend dressing your frameless enclosure up simply by choosing one of our beautiful sculptured handles made by the C.R. Laurence Company. We stock just about every style and finish available. This simple upgrade can change the entire look of the enclosure as well as adding a decorative towel bar.Expand [+]
  • Why choose The Original Frameless Shower Doors to design, fabricate, install or ship you your frameless shower door and/or enclosure?
    We are the first and only custom frameless shower door company that has the experience, facility and technicians that can bring you a totally custom frameless shower enclosure factory direct from us, the true manufacturer, to you. We will help you from design to install ensuring you an experience you will not find anywhere else. Our installation department currently installs 5,000 custom frameless shower enclosures per year and growing [show photo]. Some of our master installers were moved from outside installations to in house customer service reps that solely work with you from the design stage all the way through and during the installation process. It’s like having a master frameless technician right there next to you in your bathroom helping you every step of the way.Expand [+]
  • Does my price include hardware?
    Yes, all pricing includes all hardware needed for installation.
  • What is the widest door I can have?
    The widest door is 36” inches. Anything wider than 28” will require heavy duty hinges and will have additional costs. Expand [+]
  • Do I need to sign for the delivery?
    For all residential deliveries the carrier will contact you to set up an appointment. You must confirm the delivery date and time with the carrier. Our carrier requires all shipments to have a signature at time of delivery. Expand [+]
  • Can I combine shipping?
    If you would like to order multiple enclosures we will combine shipping and crating costs. We will only combine costs if all units are purchased and shipped at the same time. Please contact our office for additional information on combining shipments. Expand [+]
  • What will happen if my shipment is damaged?
    Please make note of any damage to the boxed item upon delivery. This is very important. If refusing delivery due to visible damage, please note “refused due to visible damage” on the receipt presented. The Original Frameless Shower Doors will replace any or all hardware as well as glass damaged at no cost to purchaser, only by providing proof of damage in the box in which it was sent/packaged in (photo’s required). All photos of damaged property must be emailed directly to the V.P. of Operations at or one of her assistants upon these findings. Please see our shipping policy for more information. Expand [+]


When getting prices from competitors sites, read the fine print! ALMOST EVERY on-line site that sells/ships frameless shower door enclosures are promoting mass produced (Chinese made) square-cut glass that DOES NOT conform to your individual walls! The end result will leave you with large gaps that will not only look horrible, but will cause tremendous leaking problems!


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  2. Installation DIrect from the Manufacturer
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Customer Testimonials

There is a cliché that people say “it was a pleasure to have met you” but those are the truest sentiments of our experience referring to Steven Bowder. When you feel lost and someone gives you a helping hand without making you feel belittled or inexperienced, we consider that to be positive and that is what Steven did for us. This gentleman is an asset to your company. He was patient polite and considerate not to mention very competent and skilled at walking us thru the process of measuring for our shower door from miles across the country. We were able to ask him anything and he was able to provide an expert opinion so that we could understand it and make a good decision.
He was the difference between staying with this company or choosing another company that we had considered.
It is a pleasure to work with Steven who represents your company well.

Charles and Nancy Jones

If you’re a fairly competent do-it-yourself-er who wants the best quality custom shower door for a very good value, you may confidently proceed with Frameless Shower Doors.

John Seng – Maryland

I’ve ordered twice with this company and have gotten my products faster & better than anything available locally. I’ve been very happy with their service as well.

Ritch Trenda – Hawaii

Beautiful doors and we are very happy with the results!

Allen Gorden – Valparaiso Indiana

Tom, thank you for all your help with the purchase of my frameless shower door. It fits like a glove! I’m very pleased with the quality of the unit as well as the ease of the installation.

Eddie Virts – South Carolina

The bathroom project is finished and it turned out great! The glass was the icing on the cake! It turned out perfect. It was a pleasure doing business with your company. Steve (Technical Advisor) helped me with the measurements and they were right on. The quality of the glass and the hardware is top notch. The shipping department also did a great job crating the glass for a safe delivery. I will and already have recommended you to friends. Thanks for all your help!

Gary – Flemington, NJ

My shower door looks great and it was easy to install! Thanks for all your help.

David Golden – Fort Worth, TX

Hana, did an amazing job explaining my options with glass doors. Very helpful and very articulate. Hoping to do business with her in the near future

Jaun Velasquez – Florida

Very pleased with my purchase of the HydroSlide Frameless shower door unit. From initial contact to the delivery. Everything went as expected with no surprises. Thank you to Tom Cannon for all your help. I’m very happy with the quality of the unit and the ease of installation. Fits like a glove. The StayClean coating is worth every penny. Will definitely recommend to anyone needing a FRAMELESS shower door.

Eddie Virts – South Carolina

I have used this company in the past and their product is Outstanding along with their sales staff and employees. Having an issue with a shipping company in my local area I requested a different shipping company. I initially posted a bad review but received a call from the President of the company and worked through this issue. With that being said there are few companies with this many levels of employees making sure Customers come first even when handling conflict. Thank you for your working this! You can buy a great product from a great vendor but you will be happier using The Original when you walk out your shower door!

Berton Pennell – Colorado

What a great company. I was a little skeptical about ordering glass from so far away but they did a great job on packaging it. Customer service was excellent and Hana was a great help to me with measuring and providing me with pictures of the hinges so I could figure out positioning them. Five star all the way!!!!

Joey Lorenz – Maryland

Installation of the double slider was VERY simple – the doors installed in about an hour. They are engineered very well for very easy installation – AND they look fabulous.
I have one more bathroom to do and will definitely order again.

Jay Gardner – Colorado

Our new frameless shower door is my new handyman pride and joy of the year! I can tell that Frameless Shower Doors is a well-managed company with a solid team behind all the above-named people who implement a philosophy of best quality in product and customer service. Might look like an over-the-top endorsement here, and sorry, but truth be told! If you’re a fairly competent do-it-yourselfer who wants the best quality custom shower door for a very good value, you may confidently proceed with Frameless Shower Doors.

John Seng – Maryland

Allison Stoner performed excellent customer service and ensured that our door was delivered seemlessly, with the proper measurements and delivery instructions. It fit like a glove!

Larchmont, NY

I just finished my master bath project and wanted you to know how awesome your product is and how easy it was to install for 2 people. The frameless door looks awesome and fits as advertised – perfect. This is the second frameless door I have purchased and installed from your company and I am thrilled with both. If I have another bathroom remodel project at home, I will definitely be ordering from you. See attached for a couple pictures of the finished product.

Denny Fulmer – Missouri

Thanks Donna for making this a smooth and easy process. I really love the quality of the material and the ease of installation with your step by step videos and piece of mind knowing there was technical assistance if I needed it. But I didn’t….the videos are great and the 30% cheaper price tag made it a no brainier . I’m so impressed that I want to become a authorized frameless shower doors installer in my area.

Jason Soares Dezign Renovations Westport, MA

Every day when I step into my new shower with the fabulous frameless doors, I am so thrilled. I want to thank you and your team for doing such a wonderful job on the doors. They fit perfectly and the notch for the decorative tile is amazing. The doors arrived as scheduled and in perfect condition and with significant savings. The whole process was so easy and I can’t praise enough the professionalism and expertise of everyone involved. I highly recommend Frameless Shower Doors on-line ordering.

Mary O ‘Malley – Massachusetts

I just installed my 90 degree shower enclosure and the single door in our kids bathroom. I couldn’t be happier. I want to compliment you on a few things: 1. Manufacturing was perfect. Accurate cuts, quality materials, no missing parts or accessories, extra pieces where it made sense. NOTHING felt cheap or low quality. 2. The videos and tech support helped my wife and I do the two installations in one weekend without any blunders. We didn’t damage anything. We didn’t have to redrill any holes. We easily made a couple of fine adjustments that were necessary. 3. The final results are stunning. We visited many bath centers and looked at professionally installed frameless showers that were twice the price. Ours looks better and feels like higher quality. 4. You saved us at least $1000 if not more compared to what we’d have paid to have a local contractor supply and install this.

Same Washburn – Andover, MA

I wanted to write to thank you guys for the great product and service you continually produce for us from project to project. We are a certified general contractor firm and we do about 30 bathrooms a year. Frameless Shower Doors has been and will be our only choice when hiring a sub contractor to install our frameless shower enclosures. They always deliver on time and we have found they have the best prices when compared to the competition. It has been a pleasure working with you and keep up the good work!

Sivan Kathein President Complete Home Improvement

The quality, care and attention to detail are second to none. Every project I have given them has come below budget, and above expectation. The work is flawless, I have no complaints about Frameless Shower Doors, from the customer service, to the delivery, everything is professional and perfect. They designed a glass enclosure for my shower, and it is one of the best features of the house. I have many options for my glass work, but I have consistently returned to Frameless Shower Doors, because the quality is always there. My latest project was for glass doors for my office space, it was a difficult design and fabrication with color, and it was done to perfection. I could not be happier.

Saber Supplies Inc.

Dear mark, just a note to thank everyone, our shower doors look beautiful. quality of the doors and the installation are excellent. Your turn around time was excellent. It is nice to find this quality of service. it was a pleasure to deal with your company, we are a very satified customer and would not go anywhere else for future renovations.

best regards, Fulya Z. boca raton, fl.

I just wanted to say thank you for the customer service you and the rest of the group at Frameless have provided to us. We saw your display at D and B and I called you as soon as we got back into the car. Someone actually answered the phone and we scheduled an appt to have someone come out and measure. Victor arrived yesterday and was professional and thorough. As I told you we met with 3 other companies and 2 of them took no more then 5 minutes to give us a quote. One company came in measured and over a week later called with a quote which didn’t sit well with me. We look forward to the install next week and I am sure we will not be disappointed with the finished product. Keep up the good work, you don’t find quality people like you anymore.

Thanks, Susan O.

Last Friday we had a new frameless shower door installed in our master bathroom. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with a new door. It looks great and definitely upgraded the look of our bathroom. I also wanted to let you know that Danny and Blair did a great job. They were pleasant and they worked so quietly, I hardly knew they were there. My thanks to them for a fantastic job.

Marcy P.

Dear Friends,

Only hope you know how much I appreciate your ever kind & thoughtful ways! Thank you for your gift of the glass for my new home here at Saint Elizabeth Church. If I could ever help you in any way, please feel free to ask.

Blessings, Father Naughton Coral Springs, FL

Dear Friends,

Only hope you know how much I appreciate your ever kind & thoughtful ways! Thank you for your gift of the glass for my new home here at Saint Elizabeth Church. If I could ever help you in any way, please feel free to ask.

Blessings, Father Naughton Coral Springs, FL

On behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #87, I would like to thank you and The Original Frameless Shower Doors for their generosity in helping Officer Paul Kempinski in a time of need. As you know, Officer Kempinski was shot four times by two armed robbers while protecting the citizens of Coral Springs. Because of you and your company, we were able to fix his house up so that he and his wife, Lisa, could move in and he could recover from his wounds. Thanks again for your generosity.

Sincerely, Michael K. Hughes President, Fraternal Order of Police Coral Springs Lodge #87

Our average house ranges from $800K to up to $4 million dollars. John and his staff are very professional, very knowledgeable in their field and I would highly recommend them to anybody.

Mike Mrachek – Mrachek Builders

Installation was done very quickly and I was very comfortable with the technicians that were in my home. I would highly recommend The Original Frameless Shower Doors to any of my family and friends.

Lori Camnenster – Client

We recently purchased a house in the area, it needed a lot of work, especially in the bathroom. We had nobody to call, so like anybody else I went in the yellow pages. We were lucky because we found The Original Frameless Shower Doors. They did a great job for us. They came out, gave us a great price. Before you know it they had the whole thing installed. John and his team did a fantastic job. If you’re in the market for any kind of shower door, steam or whatever I highly recommend you call John he’ll do a great job at a great price.

Andy Smith – Client

Here are some photos of the install. Customers are happy with the look. Thank you for the great customer service and information. I will definitely keep your company as a good source for any future needs.

Brian Dafforn (Hatten, North Dakota)

Thank you very much for my beautiful showers. I will definitely recommend your company to other family and friends here in the Bahamas.

Rachael Dean (Bahamas)

I just wanted to send a picture of our bathroom completed, with the shower screen. Thank you for your great service. I have something similar for my other bathroom. I will contact you when we are ready to order. Thanks again.

Jennifer (Coral Gables, FL)

I got glass panels and hardware today – it made it to Minnesota intact. Nice choice on R&L Carriers, they are very easy to work with. Glass panels are very impressive and well cut.

Mikhail (Minnesota)

Hi Stephanie,

Got my shower door yesterday and installed it in about 2 hours. Tell your fabricators “job well done!” It could not off fit more perfectly. The door plumbed and leveled perfectly and ended up with a perfect 1/8” margin against the wall and the fixed panel. That’s pretty good shooting for your boys considering the target was so far away. Thanks again for all your help

Roger Decker (Decker Reality – Staunton, VA)

A quick note to say how pleased we are with the new shower that your crew installed in our condo unit up in Stuart this past Friday. It look terrific! The two technicians were quick, courteous, and did not create a mess. On a scale of 1-10, the experience and final product was a solid 10. Many thanks! We will gladly recommend your services to those in our circle of friends who are planning to install a new shower.

Dennis L. Fruitt

Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the way Justin and Carl installed my shower. These two young men are very courteous. They provide superb customer service. With my experience with Justin and Carl I will not hesitate to recommend The Original Frameless Shower Doors. These are two fine workers and I take pleasure in saying so.

God Bless – Iva Miller

Kyle and his helper, Gardiner, were here this morning and they did a fabulous job. They took down the mirror with the defect without damaging either side of the wall…amazing!!!!! The new mirror looks beautiful…love it! Thank you for standing behind your product. And the shower door fits perfect. Kyle has such great expertise…he is so skilled in what he does…he took the time to answer my questions….Kyle is an amazing asset for The Original Frameless Shower Doors. Both guys work well as a team They are both gentlemen, courteous, they work neatly and clean up well. They sure know their stuff!!!! My total bathroom project is now complete….time for a shower in my new beautiful bathroom

Jaime Eckhaus

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to let you know that my shower door turned out awesome! The door was installed within 72 hours from the time I placed the order. The men were very neat, clean and professional. I love the fact that my glass is stain resistant and I’ll never have to worry about any corrosion on the glass. My neighbor came over and saw the door and couldn’t believe how beautiful it looks, she’ll be calling you soon. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you so much!

Robin H (Coral Springs, FL)


I would like to thank you and everyone there for the great customer service and support my company has received. I always get great pricing and prompt service every time. The Original Frameless Shower Doors is my #1 supplier.

Jeff Graley (President, American Home Improvement)

I want to thank The Original Frameless Shower Doors for all their prompt and courteous service. I spoke with Stephanie over the phone and she was able to answer all my questions and guide me in the right direction. She sent a salesman to my home to take measurements, I ordered my shower and within 2 days it was made and ready to be installed. The installers showed up on time and did a great job. I will be sure to recommend your company to friends and family.

Nikki R. (Coral Springs, FL)

We were very pleased with the service given to us by Frameless Shower Doors. Jordan and his co-worker arrived at our house to install a shower door and were neat and very professional. We highly recommend “The Original Frameless Shower Doors” to anyone thinking of remodeling their bathroom

Barbara & Ron, Boca Raton, FL

In my business, quality products and customer service are key, and The Original Frameless Shower Doors allows me to provide my customers with both. John and his team are always professional, on time and quick with turnaround. Products created in their state of the art manufacturing facility are of the highest quality and provide my customers with the satisfaction of knowing that they not only have fantastic-looking mirror and glass work in their homes, but that those products will last. The services provided by John and everyone and Frameless have kept Princeton a loyal customer for fifteen years

Brad (President, Princeton Kitchen)

We recently had a successful installation of a new shower door. Overall positive experience with the frameless shower door company was smooth from our initial visit to the extraordinary showroom and production area, the explanation of the different glass options, their thorough engineering review, turnaround and service installation, to our most recent follow up phone call and visit to our home post installation to assure that we are happy with the end result. It has been a pleasure to work with a caring and professional company and staff that exude great service experience, from its owner John, to his employees Mark, Mike, Gerard and Kyle.

Many thanks. – Dr. and Mrs. Mark Gutt

Just a quick note to thank your gentlemen for your fine service! You’re always on time and you bring the job in on budget, I can’t ask for more than that!

David Cheger

Another good customer satisfied by frameless. Came in to tell me John from frameless is great and is excellent to recommend.

Thomas Back

Awesome job John. Thanks for your dedication to helping us complete so quickly.


Thanks, another good job. Hope I can get a tour of your “production facility “ before you expand again and more!


Dear John,

The doors are absolutely gorgeous, beautiful – perfect. We love them- What a difference they make.

Thank you! – Ro & Rida

Last Friday we had a new frameless shower door installed in out master bathroom. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the door. It looks great and definitely upgraded the look of our bathroom. I also wanted to let you know that Danny and Blair did a great job. They were very pleasant and they worked so quietly, I hardly knew they were there. My thanks to them for a fantastic job.

Marcy Potts

Hi John,

Last week I had a shower enclosure installed and was very satisfied with your company’s professionalism and employees. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I especially want to thank Victor for all his efforts. He is an asset to your company and takes pride in his job. From start to finish the process went very smooth and everyone was accommodating. My old enclosure was removed on a Saturday and the new one was ready to be installed on Monday. I would highly recommend your company to friends and family in the future.

Sincerely Sheree Novick


Just a note to say “thank you” for your prompt installation, and to let you know how much we appreciate the professionalism of the staff of your company. We were very pleased with our salesperson Alex, as well as the installers Andrew and Michael who worked here today.

Thank you very much, Leonard & Betsy

Dear friends,

Only hope you know how much I appreciate your ever kind and thoughtful ways! Thank you for your gift of the glass for my new home here at Saint Elizabeth Church. If I could ever help you in any way, please feel free to call.

Blessings, Father Naughton

Dear John,

I just wanted to first thank you for your help with my order, you covered every detail perfectly. The enclosure yesterday afternoon. All boxes were in good shape as were all contents. You manufactured EXACTLY what i measured, and it is perfect! Being a rookie, it took me about 3 hours to install. Today I will do final tune up on gaps and silicone. Your measuring and install packets were very handy. Thank you again for your professional guidance!

Sincerely, Phill Hill/ Santa Rosa, CA.


To say I am pleased with the finished product is an understatement. The workmanship and quality your company has provided is amazing. My carpenter did a beautiful job installing it and we appreciated the installation video. The installation kit was also very helpful. Thank you again so much for all your help and patience with all my questions. I will certainly be referring you and your company to other looking for shower door/glass options.

Carolyn F. / New Hampshire

I am very pleased with the quality of the door, so is the homeowner. Service was great, and the door fit perfectly. I will definetly do more business with you. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Todd D./ San Luis Obispo, CA

Sir, I am really impressed with the glass enclosure in my bathroom. I can’t find fault anywhere. The measurement, time to completion and installation went perfectly. Thanks for a beautiful job at a great price. I have already recommended you to two friends that are prominent contractors in the area. I wish you and your crew well, thanks again.

Kevin K. Tequesta, FL

What impresses me the most is that you and your fabricators knew exactly what I wanted and made it perfectly right the first time. You would be surprised how many people locally could not understand what I wanted to do or told me it could not be done the way I wanted. We proved them wrong!


Roger Decker (Staunton, Virginia)

Paul and I would like you to know how much we love our new shower doors. They are beautiful. Yes, we will also put them in our second bathroom remodel and our third, on down the road. You have alovely showroom and Ed was was very patient and informative. He was amazing. The installers Dan & Julian were also polite, clean and professional. Thank you so much for helping us through it Erika.

Pamela and Paul Coppola

Big or small orders, sales reps. treat me with the upmost respect, professionalism and courtesy with an overwhelming selection of glass to choose from with the lowest possible prices. So glad our business has found The Original Frameless Shower Doors.

Anson G from Gallaway Home Improvement (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands)

A small word to say that my husband and I are very satisfied with our bathroom frameless shower doors which were recently installed. You have professional employees, fast delivery of the product and immaculate installation. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the company to my friends and family

Marie Rozon (Sunrise, FL)

Just wanted to share with you the update on my shower: Received the door & pane approx. 1:00 pm this Monday and by 5:00 pm everything was installed. Please see attachment pictures. Thank you for your help and assistance. I am very happy with my Shower Doors.

Thanks again, Louis

Just wanted to let you all know that Will and his helper came to my house today and did a great job installing the new shower enclosure. He took his time, he was meticulous about his work, very well mannered, and the job came out great. I could tell he wanted to make me, the customer, happy. I’m in customer service myself and I think it’s important to recognize an employee for going that extra mile. Will’s assistant was also extremely polite and helpful. Overall they provided a good reflection of your company.
Justin also did a great job with his part and was able to come up with solutions to a couple of bumps in the road so that I could have a frame-less enclosure. He was always responsive to my text messages and/or phone calls as we were going along.
Thanks very much for the beautiful shower enclosure.

Barbara French, FL