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Inline Door and Panels

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”Inline” means that the door and panel are touching each other at 180° degrees or in a “straight line.” The opening on an “inline door” is usually too large for a single door. To remedy this, we put a stationary panel next to it. The most common inline design uses a door that has wall mounted hinges with a stationary piece of glass. If your opening space is larger than 60”, we highly recommend you use ½” thick glass for less flex in the stationary panel or use a header system with pivot hinges. The “header system” will also allow us to center the door and use stationary panels on either side of the door. We would also recommend using a header system when the door is not mounted to the wall. Needless to say, we’re not very big fans of hanging a heavy glass door off of another piece of glass, especially if we don’t have to. Please visit our inline gallery and click the “start customizing your door” button and see if your design or opening looks similar to one of the photos or design layouts. If not, don’t fret! We can manufacture anything you need! Just tell us your size and desired design and our technicians will send you over what we feel looks and functions the best for your situation.

Customer Testimonials

  • Big or small orders, sales reps. treat me with the upmost respect, professionalism and courtesy with an overwhelming selection of glass to choose from with the lowest possible prices. So glad our business has found The Original Frameless Shower Doors. – Anson G from Gallaway Home Improvement (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands)

  • What impresses me the most is that you and your fabricators knew exactly what I wanted and made it perfectly right the first time. You would be surprised how many people locally could not understand what I wanted to do or told me it could not be done the way I wanted. We proved them wrong! Thanks, - Roger Decker (Staunton, Virginia)

  • Sir, I am really impressed with the glass enclosure in my bathroom. I can't find fault anywhere. The measurement, time to completion and installation went perfectly. Thanks for a beautiful job at a great price. I have already recommended you to two friends that are prominent contractors in the area. I wish you and your crew well, thanks again. Kevin K. Tequesta, FL

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